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Phototherapy Face Mask

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About this Product:

  • Photolily's LED face mask is equipped with UV-free LED bulbs that emit 7 light energy colors with different skin benefits. These benefits include enhanced collagen production, reduced wrinkles, improved skin tone and brightness, and so much more!

  • This LED beauty mask can be used to complement your anti-aging or anti-blemish routine. Blue light works for oily skin as it helps with oil control. Red light boosts collagen production to reduce the signs of aging. Pick the LED color depending on your skin concerns.

  • LED light therapy is a tried and tested skin treatment. This mask uses 150 UV-free, non-thermal LED bulbs to deliver light energy into the layers of the skin. This activates photoreceptors that trigger the skin’s natural processes including collagen production.

  • For beginners, use the LED beauty mask 4 times a week, for 10 minutes per session. Gradually increase for up to 15 minutes of usage as your skin gets used to the light therapy. You can use it with or without a skincare product.

  • Light therapy is a lunch break cosmetic procedure with no recovery time needed. The whole treatment is virtually painless, just sit back and relax. No cuts, no stings, or any uncomfortable sensations - have comfortable skin rejuvenation sessions every single time.