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Pregnancy Pillow

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About this Item:

  • This U-shaped body pillow is specially enhanced for the belly and for back support, adapting to your needs when sleeping on your side. Brings comfort to your growing belly and makes sleeping during pregnancy easier.

  • Farewell to Body Pains! Our pregnancy pillow adapts exceptionally well to your body's curves, provides comfort and support to all the right places-shoulders, lower back, belly, pelvis, knees and ankles. Reduce pressure pains and leg swelling during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

  • Maternity pillows provide spinal alignment and correct posture with back and leg support. Experts encourage side sleeping for back pain relief. Replaces up to 5 other pillows, no more tossing and turning at nights.

  • Use the body pillow anywhere you want to get cozy. Position to your bed, sofa or even the floor when sitting, nursing, reading or watching TV to get support. The pillow is loved by people recovering from injury, sciatica pain and reflux because of its extraordinary supportive function.

  • Smooth soft velvet cover makes you feel like sleeping in a marshmallow. Pressure relief filling is chemical free and adjustable for different needs. Good for you, and good for your baby!