The White Tent

Painless Laser Hair Remover

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About this Product:

  • This hair removal device has max flashes of 999,999 flashes, which is enough for the years of touch-ups. You will clearly see how many flashes are left on the liquid crystal display.

  • The pursed light with 16J/4CM2 energy and 510-1200nm length arrives at the hair follicle to break the cycle of hair growth, and remove the undesired hair efficiently.

  • Manual mode is mainly used for small areas, such as the bikini line, armpit, and lips. Auto Mode can be used for large areas, such as arms, legs, and back.

  • Notes: Can not use it on dark brown/black skin; Can not use it on orange/grey hair; Must shave undesired hair before using; Need 2-3 months to see results.

  • Included is a throw-away razor and protective eye glasses that should be used with every session.