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Cordless Automatic Hair Curler

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About this item:

  • It's never been easier-- Simply press and hold the button until the beeps are over to create beautiful curls effortlessly. Keeps for a couple of days and maintains a smooth and shiny appearance. 

  • This incredible wand has a built-in smart sensor motor, which allows it to stop working to prevent further tangling of hair.

  • Adopts Ceramic coating with tourmaline to make it heat up quickly and eliminate frizz. The extra coating prevents high temperatures from excessively damaging hair. A unique heat-insulating chamber protects your hands and skin from burning.

  • We specially designed a personalized experience for different hair textures and styles. 300℉ to 390℉ is suitable for all hair types, fragile or coarse hair. With 8-18s timers, it can easily form loose waves or tight curls.

  • Charge for 3.5 hours, the wave wand curling iron can be used for about 40 minutes (depends on temperature). The hair wand will automatically shut down when not in use for 10 minutes to ensure safety. 

  • No more worrying about tangled cables and horrible storage. The automatically rotating ceramic hair curler is lightweight and portable to put into your backpack and take on a trips.