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Professional Chef Knife Set (5pc)

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About this Product:

  • Masterfully forged from premium Japanese Steel into folded Damascus for extreme sturdiness and razor-sharp cutting. This Collection is built to last so that you will never need another knife set again.

  • Includes all the 5 most important knives you will need in the kitchen - including a Chef's, Japanese, Utility, Santoku, and Paring Knife

  • Each knife is designed with a one-of-a-kind Resin & Natural Wood Pattern that will add a gorgeous accent and bring your kitchen to life.

  • Each knife is carefully heat-treated and sharpened to perfection for razor-sharp cutting and extreme durability. The knives allow for extremely thin slicing and impeccable chopping.

  • Each knife boasts a 15° cutting angle for superior cutting, as compared to a typical 25° edge angle found in most Western knives. You WILL feel the difference from the very first cut!

  • Includes protective covers for each knife. Packaged in safe, shock absorbent materials. 

  • Created by XITUO, a specialized kitchen tool trade company founded in 2006 in Yangjiang City, China.